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Terms & Conditions

  • A non-refundable deposit of £150.00 for a dress and £100 for waistcoat is required to book a production slot.

  • Production slots can only be booked once a deposit is received.  Slots will not be saved for anyone.

  • Once you have booked your slot we will arrange to meet/Skype closer to your slot date.

  • When we meet/Skype, the dancer’s measurements will be taken and any design ideas/preferences will be given then.

  • I will then design the costume and send the design for approval.

  • You will receive pictures as it is made to ensure you are happy.

  • All costumes are not machine washable.

  • Full payment must be received before the costume will be shipped.

  • Any dates specified for delivery of the costume are intended to be an estimate.

  • Prices for dresses are £650 - £750 without stones

  • Stones can be added by ourselves or by the customer.  Prices for stones vary depending on what is wanted.

  • Customers to cover all postage and insurance costs plus any customs or taxes, if applicable.

  • If your class teacher requires input into the costume, it is your responsibility to ensure the design is what they want.  Once the costume is made, design cannot be changed without incurring a cost.

  • Skirt length preferences vary between schools.  Please ask your teacher to let you know of the skirt length prior to measuring/Skype.  I find it helpful if the teacher marks the thigh to the required length.

  • Please ensure to store the dress unzipped and flat.  Remember the costumes are delicate and I will not be held responsible for any damage incurred to them.

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